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Avada (v7.11.4) Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce

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Avada WordPress theme and website builder, a popular and versatile tool for building and customizing websites on the WordPress platform. With its wide array of features and capabilities, Avada is suitable for both beginners and professionals looking to design unique and functional websites.

From your description, it seems Avada has been updated to include many new and useful features:

  1. Multi-Step Avada Forms: This feature allows users to create forms with multiple steps, improving user experience and form completion rates.
  2. ACF Repeater Support: Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is a powerful tool for adding custom fields to WordPress. Repeater fields are a type of field that allow users to create a set of sub fields and then duplicate them. This feature extends the functionality of Avada to work seamlessly with ACF repeater fields.
  3. Pixel Width & Flex Grow for Columns: This feature provides more control over column widths, allowing users to define widths in pixels and utilize flex grow properties.
  4. Mailchimp tag/group Support: This feature allows users to integrate their Mailchimp email marketing service more closely with their Avada-built site, using tags and groups for better subscriber management.
  5. WooCommerce Thank You Page Customization: Users can now design a custom thank you page for their WooCommerce store, which customers will see after making a purchase.
  6. Improved Prebuilt Website Import Process: This update makes it easier for users to import prebuilt websites into Avada, speeding up the website building process.
  7. Text Stroke Styling and ToTop Button Styling: These new features provide more customization options for website text and the “Back to Top” button.

Avada’s drag-and-drop visual editor, Header Builder, Layout Builder, and Footer Builder also make it easy to create unique, custom layouts. Moreover, Avada provides professional support and regular theme updates, ensuring that users can keep their websites looking fresh and running smoothly.

Avada’s track record, with over 875,000 users and a #1 selling WordPress Website Builder status for over 10 years, speaks to its quality and reliability. With its wide array of design capabilities and strong user support, it offers a comprehensive tool for building professional, custom websites on WordPress.

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