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Avada WordPress Theme Free Download

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  • Create Date July 24, 2023
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Avada WordPress Theme Free Download

Please be sure to read the Important Update Notes before you update:
We are always proactive in preventing security issues, however nobody can assume they will never come up.
This is why we highly recommend to stay up to date with each new theme version and plugins.

Version 7.11.2 - July 11th, 2023

- SECURITY: Fixed broken access control vulnerability (potentially letting authenticated users save Portfolio permalink)
- SECURITY: Fixed possible arbitrary file upload and server-side request forgery vulnerability in Page Options import function (only valid for authenticated users)
- SECURITY: Fixed arbitrary file upload vulnerability in custom icon font upload (valid only for authors or higher)
- SECURITY: Fixed SQL injection and broken access control vulnerability in Critical CSS (valid only for authenticated users)
- SECURITY: Fixed Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the User Register element
- SECURITY: Fixed Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) in elements using access tokens to third-party platforms (only valid for admin users)
- NEW: Added WooCommerce special page link options to dynamic data for text field options
- COMPATIBILITY: Fixed variation product issue when WooCommerce Product Bundle plugin is used
- FIXED: Backslash used as separator in Breadcrumbs Global Option breaking page CSS
- FIXED: Avada Slider button option defaults not cleared out when saved empty
- FIXED: Bottom left border-radius option not working in Alert element for custom styling
- FIXED: Checkbox form element content being shown in notification emails when hidden through conditional form rendering logic
- FIXED: Form being scrolled to bottom instead of top when clicking next step button on multi-step Avada Forms
- FIXED: JS error happening in multi-step Avada Forms when no Submit Button element was added to the form
- FIXED: Visibility options not working in Image element when used together with legacy Containers
- FIXED: Image Carousel element not working inside Toggles and FAQ elements
- FIXED: Layout set for the main event of The Events Calendar plugin not being applied to the series, if it is a recurring event

Version 7.11.1 - June 29th, 2023

- NEW: Added responsive options to the Instagram element to decide over the button layout
- IMPROVEMENT: Updated toTop option titles for consistency and easier search
- IMPROVEMENT: Avada Forms privacy params will only be added when needed now when submitting to URL
- IMPROVEMENT: Added Avada's sticky CSS class to sticky posts in Post Cards element
- COMPATIBILITY: The Event Tickets plugin causing a fatal error when using the Layout Builder
- FIXED: Breadcrumbs with disabled post title displaying a trailing separator
- FIXED: Update cart dynamic data functionality not working on WooCommerce cart page
- FIXED: Menu thumbnail images not being saved when legacy mega menu option is turned off
- FIXED: Underscore added to the anchor, even when menul link goes to external resource
- FIXED: Fatal error, when only Avada Core plugin is activated
- FIXED: PHP error and notice on PHP 8 in a few cases
- FIXED: JS error in the builder when using Flip Boxes element
- FIDED: Cancel comment link missing a white space in Comments element
- FIXED: Title element overflowing in Post Cards element one column grid layout when using ellipsis
- FIXED: Removed horizontal resize event from Toggles Element to avoid resize events on other elements
- FIXED: Icons on Button element not keeping accent color when buttons are focused
- FIXED: YouTube element iFrame being doubled when used in a Modal element and video facade option is enabled
- FIXED: Update totals button spacing on mobile in WooCommerce Cart Shipping  element
- FIXED: Posts/pages with special chars being displayed encoded in Layout Conditions
- FIXED: Posts with apostrophe in name not being saved in Layout Conditions
- FIXED: Columns jumping in live editor when being absolutely positioned and hovered
- FIXED: Form Step progress height option is not displayed in the backend editor
- FIXED: MailChimp Groups not showing in Avada Forms when using the backend editor

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