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Ultimate Member Pro Nulled v2.7.0 + Theme + All Addons Pack (Free Download)

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In the digital age, a highly functional website is an indispensable asset for businesses and individuals alike. For those utilizing WordPress, one of the most influential tools to streamline their site management is the Ultima Member Pro WordPress Plugin. This resource-rich plugin is explicitly designed to simplify and enhance user registration and membership functions, thereby contributing significantly to your website’s efficiency and interactivity.

The Ultima Member Pro is a comprehensive plugin that allows you to build advanced online communities and membership sites within WordPress. It offers various features, including custom user roles, detailed member directories, user profiles, and registration and login forms.

One of the notable attributes of Ultima Member Pro is its flexibility. It provides site administrators with robust options to customize membership levels, set user restrictions, and manage member capabilities. Users can create free and paid membership levels, restricting specific content to particular membership tiers. This feature can effectively incentivize users to upgrade their memberships and further engage with your website.

Furthermore, this plugin comes with a plethora of shortcodes, providing a practical way to add dynamic content to your site. With these shortcodes, you can effortlessly display user profiles, registration forms, login forms, user directories, and more on any post or page. You can even protect certain parts of your content and only make them accessible to specific membership levels.

Another impressive feature of the Ultima Member Pro is its integration capability. The plugin can seamlessly work with other popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, making it easier to manage an online store alongside a community or membership site. The WooCommerce integration allows you to sell memberships as products, creating a new revenue stream for your business.

In terms of user experience, Ultima Member Pro shines with its detailed member directories. These directories provide an easy-to-navigate list of your site’s users, with the option to customize what information is displayed. This makes it simple for members to find each other and form connections, fostering a sense of community.

Moreover, with the drag-and-drop form builder, creating registration and login forms is as simple as it gets. You can add as many fields as you want, customize them to your liking, and even decide the order in which they appear. This offers a more personalized user experience, making your site more attractive to potential members.

Lastly, Ultima Member Pro’s focus on security is commendable. The plugin provides features like content protection, two-factor authentication, reCAPTCHA integration, and more. This makes it possible for site admins to safeguard user data while maintaining a high level of accessibility for members.

In conclusion, the Ultima Member Pro WordPress Plugin is a powerful and flexible tool that can transform any WordPress site into an engaging, interactive membership site. Its range of features, ease of use, and focus on security make it an excellent choice for website owners looking to build and manage an online community effectively. Regardless of your site’s purpose, from e-commerce to blogging, Ultima Member Pro can enhance its functionality, providing a richer and more immersive experience for your members.

Ultimate Member Nulled Addon List

  • Ultimate Member Activated
  • Ultimate Member Theme
  • Ultimate Member Real time Notifications
  • Ultimate Member MailChimp
  • Ultimate Member Profile Completeness
  • Ultimate Member Groups
  • Ultimate Member bbPress
  • Ultimate Member WooCommerce
  • Ultimate Member Notices
  • Ultimate Member Unsplash
  • Ultimate Member Followers
  • Ultimate Member Friends v2.2.5
  • Ultimate Member Verified Ultimate v2.1.2
  • Ultimate Member Social Activity v2.2.9
  • Ultimate Member User Tags v2.2.2
  • Ultimate Member Social Login v2.4.3
  • Ultimate Member User Locations v1.0.7
  • Ultimate Member Profile Tabs v1.0.7
  • Ultimate Member User Photos v2.1.2
  • Ultimate Member User Reviews v2.1.7
  • Ultimate Member Online Users v2.1.6
  • Ultimate Member Private Messages v2.3.4
  • Ultimate Member User Bookmarks v2.1.1
  • Ultimate Member myCRED v2.1.8
  • Ultimate Member Terms & Conditions v2.1.4
  • Ultimate Member Instagram v2.0.5
  • Ultimate Member Google reCAPTCHA v2.3.2
  • Ultimate Member Verified Users v2.1.5
  • Ultimate Member User Notes v1.0.7
  • Ultimate Member Messaging v2.3.3
  • Ultimate Member Forumwp v2.0.5
  • Ultimate Member Edd v1.0.1


2.7.0: October 11, 2023

  • Enhancements:
    • Added: Site Health sections
    • Added: oEmbed field type
    • Added: YouTube field type supports YouTube Shorts links
    • Added: Profile permalink base options: Unique hash, Custom usermeta
    • Added: UM Form meta um_form_version for legacy support in the future
    • Added: Setting “Deleting user comments after deleting a user” for WordPress native logic workaround
    • Added: aria-invalid and aria-errormessage attributes to the fields on UM Forms
    • Updated: Structure for enqueue assets PHP classes
    • Updated: Hooks Documentation v2
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed: Member directory search query escaping process
    • Fixed: Added ‘ID’ metakey to the blacklist. It’s not possible to create field with ‘ID’ metakey to avoid the conflict
    • Fixed: Add/Edit Field metabox and “Field Icon”, “Conditional logic” fields
    • Fixed: Init jquery-slider-ui script/style on the block editor page
    • Fixed: Displaying “Notifications Account Tab” setting
    • Fixed: Displaying Post Date on the User Profile > Posts tab based on this article
    • Fixed: Small PHP warning, notices and typos
  • Deprecated:
    • UM()->enqueue() use UM()->frontend()->enqueue() method
    • UM()->admin_enqueue() use UM()->admin()->enqueue() method
    • UM()->admin_enqueue()->suffix property use UM()->frontend()->enqueue()::get_suffix()
    • UM()->admin()->enqueue()->suffix property use UM()->frontend()->enqueue()::get_suffix()
    • Changed directories for the fonts (fonticons + raty), and JS/CSS files related to libs jquery-uiratyselect2tipsyfonticons (FontAwesome + Ionicons)
  • Templates required update:
    • account.php
    • login.php
    • password-change.php
    • password-reset.php
    • register.php
    • profile/posts-single.php
  • Cached and optimized/minified assets(JS/CSS) must be flushed/re-generated after upgrad

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